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Carbohydrate Counting Diabetes Diet

Carbohydrate counting diabetes diet is easier than it appear. Recently, diagnosed diabetics may think that sticking to a diabetic diet is daunting but diabetes diet is just a simply a healthy and portion controlled diet. The amount of carbohydrates in diabetic food at each meal or snack can be adjusted to one's carbohydrates allowance.

Having to take note of diabetes diet after being diagnosed as a diabetic is not pleasant at all. However, the good news are that diabetic diet is just a healthy diet which include guidelines on the portion control. Diabetic is free to choose how to spend their carbohydrates allowance according to the guidelines.

For example, giving a 60g of carbohydrate meal allowance, diabetic has the choice of a bowl of noodle soup or a bowl of rice or four slices of wholemeal bread. Collectively, adequate protein, non-starchy vegetable and fat-containing foods can be consumed together.

Newly diagnosed diabetics may need to refer to carbohydrate table constantly but over-time most people will be able to remember the frequently consumed foods carbohydrate count. It is advisable to memorize the carbohydrate count of the frequently consumed foods and also carry the carbohydrate table with you in case any new foods that are not so commonly consumed needs to be order. Visually remembering the recommended food portion will also helps.

Diabetic ought to take note that keeping close on the carbohydrate does not mean that one can consumed protein or fat without any control. While protein is an crucial part of the diet but over excess of it can be detrimental. As our body is unable to store protein, over excess of it is converted to fat. This will make diabetes even harder to control when obesity is formed.

Thus, it is very important for diabetics to select the healthier food choices, counting the carbohydrates when planning their meals.

Pre Diabetes Effects - Warning Signs Diabetes

Pre diabetes is when the blood sugar levels are higher than normal which happen to people before they becomes a diabetic. When a person is experiencing pre diabetes effects, one should treat it as a warning signs of diabetes.

Pre diabetes normally do not have any symptoms. It does not have early symptoms like the diabetes like constant feelings of thirst, frequent urination or fatigue. Hence, sometime the pre diabetes can go undetected before developing into diabetes.

Pre diabetes can be confirmed by conducting a blood glucose test. When the blood glucose levels is higher than normal but not high enough to be classify as diabetes, it is consider to be a pre diabetes stage.

Pre diabetes can have effects on the heart, thus increasing the risk of heart disease even if it doesn't developed into the actual diabetes. This is found to be true as people with pre diabetes often have excess body weight, high cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which are risk factors in the cardiovascular.

Diabetes complication can leads to heart, kidney damage and causing stroke. What is worrying is that now a days, there are more younger people being diagnosed with diabetes which includes children.

The rise in diabetes numbers are mainly due to over consumption of high caloric and low nutrient foods and drinks, as well as over sedentary lifestyle. One ought to take pre diabetes effects seriously, treating it as a warning signs for diabetes since long term complications which include eye, heart, nerve, renal, and etc failure can occur when the condition is not well manage.