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Diabetes Amputation

Diabetes can cause leg amputation to diabetic even if it is just a cut to the foot. This is normally due to the poor blood circulation in diabetics.

The theory behind diabetes amputation is due to the blood sugars excessive that binds to proteins in the blood vessels which modify its function and structure. This will make the blood vessels less elastic and interferes blood flow.

Diabetes damages blood vessels and make it more attractable to fatty deposit which build up over time, ultimately narrowing or even clogged blood vessels and arteries. Thus, making a wound more difficult to heal. If the wound rots, the limb may required to be amputated. This could be a either an above knee amputation or below knee amputation depending on the seriousness of the wound.

Gangrene will happen and severe the diabetes complications that results from the disease, which includes renal failure and even blindness.

Nevertheless, founding shows that there is a drop in diabetic leg amputations, which is due to more awareness to the disease. If gangrene id detected at the early stage, rectification such as ballooning and stenting can greatly help to save the leg from amputation. Both ballooning and stenting work to widen blood vessels and improve the blood circulations.

Usually, gangrene starts with foot ulcer in diabetic. Hence, leg amputation can be prevented, if diabetic check and take care of the feet properly daily. Proper foot care methods includes wearing proper shoe and shock and keeping the feet dry.

In addition, many diabetics are able to save their feet by changing and control their diet when they found that they have diabetes, which is definitely another prevention from getting diabetes amputation and getting the artificial limbs.

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