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Pregnancy and Diabetes

It is know as Gestational diabetes when a woman has diabetes during her pregnancy. It is very important for woman to watch their diet during their pregnancy.

Even though being overweight, pregnant at a older age and having a family history of diabetes will have high tendency of Gestational diabetes but watching one diet during pregnancy is also very important. Eating whatever you want and consuming soft drinks will increase the risk of having diabetes during pregnancy which can develop into a life time health problem.

Placental hormones during pregnancy that assist to sustain the pregnancy and the baby developing interface with insulin result in glucose to be unable to leave the blood and convert into energy, which gradually increases the levels in the blood.

For gestational diabetes, some have to injects insulin to manage the condition, others may just need to modify their diet and exercise during their pregnancy period.

It is important for a woman to continue their exercise routines and stay with a healthy diet after their pregnancy to avoid or delay developing into Type 2 diabetes as figures of approximately 50% will develop into chronic condition after the pregnancy or later in their life.

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