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Gestational Diabetes Classification A1-A2

Gestational diabetes classification have 2 subtypes of classification. The two subtypes of gestational diabetes under this classification system are class A1 and A2.

Gestational diabetes classification general definition - The diabetes which began during pregnancy. A gestational diabetes occur when a mother who does not have diabetes but builds up a resistivity to insulin because of the hormones of pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes Classification A1-A2
Gestational Diabetes Classification A1-A2

Gestational diabetes classification A1

Non-insulin dependent - diet controlled. unusual oral glucose permissiveness test (OGTT), but usual blood glucose levels during fasting and two hours after meals; diet modification is sufficient to moderate glucose levels.

Gestational diabetes classification A2

Insulin dependent - insulin controlled. unusual OGTT intensified by abnormal glucose levels on fasting and/or after meals; supplemental therapy with insulin or other medications is required

The 2nd group of diabetes which can exist before pregnancy which is known as the Pre-existing diabetes, whereby women who already have insulin-dependent diabetes and become pregnant, can be further breakdown into the following classes.

* Classification B - diabetes is developed at age 20 or older, have had the disease less than 10 years, these class has no vascular complications.

Classification C - diabetes is developed between age 10 and 19 or have had the disease for 10-19 years, no vascular complications involved.

Classification D - diabetes is developed before age 10 (children's diabetes), have had the disease more than 20 years, vascular complications are present.

* Classification F - diabetic women with kidney disease called diabetic nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy (nephropatia diabetica), also known as Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome and intercapillary glomerulonephritis, is a progressive kidney disease caused by angiopathy of capillaries in the kidney glomeruli. It is characterized by nephrotic syndrome and diffuse glomerulosclerosis. It is due to longstanding diabetes mellitus

Classification R - diabetic women with proliferative retinopathy (retinal damage). Retinopathy is a general term that refers to some form of non-inflammatory damage to the retina of the eye. Frequently, retinopathy is an ocular manifestation of systemic disease.

Classification RF: retinopathy and nephropathy

Classification T - diabetic women who have undergone prior kidney transplant before developing diabetes.

Classification H - diabetic women with coronary artery or other heart disease. Ischaemic or ischemic heart disease (IHD), or myocardial ischaemia, is a disease characterized by ischaemia (reduced blood supply) to the heart muscle, usually due to coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries).

Gestational diabetes classification A1-A2 may be effectively managed by appropriate meal planning, increased physical activity and properly-instituted insulin treatment.

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