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Sign Of Diabetes

Most of the times diabetes goes undetected as the sign of diabetes are not perceptible and harmful. Sign of diabetes type 1 and signs of diabetes type 2 are nearly alike. For example, there is an increased blood glucose level and an inadequate amount of glucose in the cells, where it is basically needed, in both cases.

Warning sign of diabetes mellitus include:
Frequent urination, particularly at night, but this symptom alone would not necessarily suggest the disease either. This symptom would also have to get pretty annoying and repeated before it would incite most people to consult a doctor.

Unquenchable or excessive thirst, drinking much more than usual, some diabetics actually wake up in the middle of the night to drink water or other fluids (juices). It seems to go hand in hand with frequent urination. If the body is drawing extra water out of the blood and running to the bathroom more often could lead to dehydration and feel the need to drink more to replace the water lost.

Weakness and fatigue, is a classic sign of diabetes. However, fatigue also goes with many other conditions, some of could be serious and others of could be just simple virus bugs. So fatigue alone is unlikely to send someone to the doctor for a blood test, unless it become debilitating.

Skin infections, injuries that are sluggish to heal, especially sores on the feet and ankles, and repeated vaginal infections (in women), are signs of possible diabetes that are somewhat more expected to draw attention and result in a diagnosis.

Losing weight without trying, unexplained weight loss is another possible sign of diabetes but again, it is not a significant denotation that the individual has diabetes. In most cases, people who want to lose weight would regard this an unexpected blessing and might not consult their doctor unless they had lost a considerable amount of weight over a period of time.

Blurred vision or the Diabetic Retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is one of a number of eye conditions that affects diabetics and it is responsible for damage to the blood vessels in the eye. This affects the ability to focus. These tiny blood vessels nourishes the retina at the back of the eye. If there is a high level of sugar in blood, the blood vessels of retina may subject to damage. Once diabetic is treated and the blood sugar levels is reduced, the vision should improve. Diabetes can also cause new blood vessels to form in the retina, over a period of years.

Tingling or numbness in limbs. These occurs bit by bit over time as consistently high glucose in the blood eventually with the poor blood circulation, it will start affecting the efficiency of nervous system and damages the system, particularly in the extremities.

Flu-like symptoms. Diabetes can occasionally experience as if a viral illness, with fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite. Sugar is the body's main fuel, and when it doesn't reach the cells feeling of tireness and weakness may occur.

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