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Adult Onset Diabetes Symptoms

Adult onset diabetes symptoms are also known as Type 2 diabetes symptoms. This type of diabetes accounts for 90 percent of the cases of adult onset diabetes symptoms. It is characterized by diabetic body failure to process sugar in the bloodstream.

Adult onset diabetes symptoms, is associated directly with being overweight, this could due to not exercising and having poor nutritional habits. Diabetes can also runs in your family. It's been discovered that men with diabetes tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, while eating large amounts of high carbohydrates, sugar and fatty food.

Adult onset diabetes symptoms are as follow:
- Blurred vision. Some serious cases may leads to Retinopathy. The degeneration of the retina of the eye, leading to reduced vision or blindness.
- Kidney failure
- Various nervous system disorders. Examples are impaired sensation in the limbs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and impotence.
- Diabetic coma – also known as diabetic ketoacidosis. Severely dehydrated leading to a coma.

It's a fact however that diabetes in men (especially type 2 diabetes) can be prevented. If you have a family history of diabetes you should:
- Be more active or exercise frequently
- Lose weight (if overweight)
- Eat a balanced diet, consuming more fruits, vegetable, whole grains, lean meats and low fat or fat free products
- Go for regular diabetes checked
- Control drinking of alcohol

It is vital that you recognize the adult onset diabetes symptoms before it is out of control. If you have been going through any of the above symptoms and suspect that you may have diabetes, get it ascertained as soon as possible by your doctor. The earlier that diabetes is diagnosed, the better it can be controlled.

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