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Early Symptoms Diabetes

Recognizing early symptoms diabetes certainly can help one to notice the warning signs diabetes and give diabetic the chance to decrease developing into further complications. It will be very helpful with early treatment if necessary to maintain optimum health.

Getting early assistance is key in handling this illness and a lot of doctors believe that diabetes if detected in time, the illness can be kept under control with a few life style modifications along with the information needed to understand the body and what is going on. Often, the early symptoms of adult onset diabetes are so subtle, those exhibiting are not even aware that being a diabetic could be the issue.

Some of the early signs of the diabetic are frequent urination, blurry vision, irritability, extreme hunger, excessive thirst, unusual weight loss and increased fatigue. Sometime these come out together so be attentive and sensitive on how you feel. Unfortunately over 20 + million people now have various forms of the disease. That's almost 25% or 1 out of 4 of our population. Of those one-third do not even recognize it.

If a person is aware of the fact that he or she might fall under the categories of those who are at risk for diabetes, then he or she can observe carefully for any early symptoms diabetes. The high risk categories comprise those who are older than forty-five years old and are carrying excessive weight. Besides, this illness tends to run in the families, so anyone with siblings, parents, or grandparents who have had diabetes is also at risk.

Warning Signs Diabetes Log
1. Are you overweight? Being overweight especially if concentrated in the abdominal area is the most common risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

2. Are you physically inactive? The more inactive you are, the more risk you have for diabetes.

3. Are you Black American, Hispanic American, American Indian, Asian American, Alaska Native or Pacific Islander? People of these races are more likely to develop the condition.

4. Do you have a family history of this condition? Your chance increases when someone in the immediate family has it.

5. Have you developed diabetes while pregnant?

6. Have you given birth to a baby who is more than 9 pounds?

7. Are you over 45 years old? The older you get the higher is the risk to develop this condition.

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