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Gestational Diabetes - Mum Diet Problem

A study by the journal Diabetes Care found that gestational diabetes lie in mum's diet problem. Mothers who developed diabetes while pregnant also increase their risk when being overweight.

The researchers are set out to determine the impact of gestational diabetes – diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It is found that children born to obese mothers are more likely to have a weight problem than children born to lean mothers. A mum’s weight contributes to their child’s risk of being overweight and developing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes.

They found that a mother’s weight early in pregnancy was the strongest predictor of her child’s overweight status and resulting insulin resistance. Result shows that far more children of obese mothers were overweight than children of non-obese mums at the age two, eight and 11. Children whose mothers developed diabetes while pregnant were at increased risk of being overweight by the age of 11.

The fact that a mum was diabetic only partially explained her child’s tendency to be overweight. Adding obesity to the equation made a big difference. It led researchers to conclude that children born to obese women with gestational diabetes may be programmed in the womb to be overweight and prone to type-2 diabetes, which typically occurs in middle-age. Combating childhood obesity may have to start in the womb.

The best advice is to get lean and fit before you get pregnant, thus reducing the risk of getting gestational diabetes and also help your child from subjecting to diabetes.

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