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Early Symptoms Diabetes - Warning Signs Pre Diabetes

Warning signs pre diabetes, it was reported that 30% Americans are in the pre diabetes. Less than 50% of people do not take even when they have early symptoms diabetes.

What are the pre diabetes symptoms, how should it be prevented and controlled? If your build is fat, has blood pressure or the cholesterol level is excessively. In addition that some members contracted the second diabetes in the family, then you might probably pay attention, because there is a high possibly that you could already suffered from the pre diabetes.

If the condition is not controlled early, it will be momentarily possibly that you might be compelled to have diabetes as your lifelong partner. Without the obvious symptom, the so-called preliminary diabetes (pre diabetes) refers to is diabetes' prelude, the patient, because the body is unable to make the enough insulin, cannot transform the blood sugar for the energy utilizes. This kind of patient, their blood sugar is slightly high, although has not been diagnosed or high enough to be under the classification of diabetes, but because the possibility to suffer from diabetes is high, some may say that it is diabetes “the reserve force”.

An investigation showed that the local preliminary diabetic, suffers from diabetes has a probability to be higher than the entire 4.8 times compared to the average person. The question is, the preliminary diabetes do not have the obvious symptom, this kind of patient usually only discovered that the blood sugar surpasses the normal range is when they go for the health examination, the test blood sugar level.

According to the medical department the national health investigation in 2004, the age is situated between in 18 years old to 69 year-old people, approximately 12% had the sugar tolerance to suffer injury (Impaired Glucose Tolerence, called lGT) problem, belonged to the preliminary diabetic. The investigation is worrying, regardless of diabetes or the preliminary diabetic, has young oriented tendency, more and more young people around the age of 20 years old were discovered to contracts this kind illness, which mainly always appear as 50 year-old senior body's disease.

The preliminary diabetes arouse the medical arena interest, because recent research show that, hyperglycemia are very possible of occurring and affect the blood vessel around the cardiovascular and the circulatory system, as early as in the preliminary diabetes stage. These is why the preliminary diabetic, suffers from the cardiovascular disease's probability, is higher than 1.5 times compared to the average person.

Although it is said that the prevention is better than the treatment, but if unfortunately when discovered to suffer from the preliminary diabetes, this will mean that the condition sooner or later will evolve to the actual diabetes. Normally, 25% preliminary diabetic's condition will get worsen in three to five years. Once the progress reaches this stage, diabetic will needs to take medicine for a long time in order to control the blood sugar level.

It is presume that there are four point of preliminary diabetic to be possible to reverse the condition, which will restore to the normal sugar tolerance condition. Three main point prevention: 1. Pre diabetic may penetrate the control diet, 2. Increase the physiological load of exercise and 3. Lose weight. These three aspects to will be able to start reversing the condition, or postponement the sickness.

In the diet aspect, the patient must reduce the fat, saltiness and the sugar ingestion quantity, the nutrition must be balanced. Coordinate with exercise. The investigation and study show that if one can also reduce 5% to 7% body weight it will be helpful to reduce the preliminary diabetes from evolving into diabetes risk.

If the preliminary diabetic suffers sugar excrement sickness in family history, hypertension or the blood fats and perhaps the preponderancy heavy (BM {body weight index surpasses 23). It is suggested that the patient can take the low dose of metformin which will delay the aggravation of disease. However, it is emphasized that in order to delay the aggravation of disease effectively, the food habit will be more effective than taking the medicine.

To tests whether to contract the preliminary diabetes is to have two blood test: Empty stomach blood sugar examination (fasting plasma test, is called FPG) to need you in preceding late to start to fast, in order to have the early morning blood sugar level test; The oral administration glucose tolerance test (Oral glucOse tOlerance test, is called OGT) similarly to need you have late fasting the day before, but doctor will only test the blood sugar metabolism function after two hours of you intake highly concentrated glucose.

If you discovered that you recently have the polyuria, frequently felt thirsty and the needs to drink water, the easily hungry and the need to eat, the body weight suddenly reduces and so on. This are “the three many and one insufficiency” symptom, there is a possibility that you already suffer from diabetes, it is better to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Three Types of Diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes will attack the immune system, causes the body to be unable metabolism the blood to the body, both children and the adult are possible of contracting it.

Type 2 diabetes, the body loses the utilization of insulin ability, causes confusion to the pancreas thus creating unusual problems to have the insulin secretion. Normally, overweight people are easy to suffer from this kind of diabetes.

Pregnancy diabetes or gestational diabetes - It happens during the pregnancy period, but usually will then vanish after the childbirth.

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