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Osteoporosis Fractured Hip – Risk Face by Diabetic

When we think about long-term complications of diabetes, osteoporosis is not one that immediately comes to mind. Researchers have experience an increased risk of Osteoporosis fractured hip in diabetic.

They are recommending that early assessment for loss of bone mass and increased fracture risk, as well as prevention of falls, as part of the management of diabetes. Populations are registering rapid increases in the rates of diabetes and fractured hip

Researched data showed that diabetes is a risk factor for osteoporosis fractured hip. A person with diabetes has about double the risk of hip fracture compared to those without diabetes.

A study found over 5,600 with diabetes and a follow up of over 12 years discovered that over 1200 cases of hip fracture are in this cohort. There was significantly more woman who had hip fractures compared to men.
The study also confirms that the link between diabetes and increased osteoporosis fractures hip risk occurs across different populations with varying lifestyle or genetic make-up.

These discovery will encourage doctors managing diabetes and diabetic patients themselves to for early osteoporosis test to minimize the risk of osteoporosis fractured hip.

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