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Sore Feet Diabetes

Anyone with sore feet diabetes or another condition that causes numbness should inspect their feet daily. Some people have had their legs amputated because of a small sore that became infected. If you have diabetes, even cutting your nails becomes a job you tackle with a lot of care. You do not want an infection to get started.

Sore Feet Diabetes Tips:

The more cushioning for your feet, the better. Many products offer shock absorption that fit into the shoes. If you are on your feet often or are a very heavy person, the shoe inserts need to be changed at least every six months because the shocks wear out.

Try wearing rocker bottom sole shoe. The rocking motion eases a huge amount of pressure off the joints of your toes, which is great for anyone with an arthritic toe.

Take one of those small personal water bottles, fill it three-quarters full, and freeze it. You can roll the frozen bottle up and down the sole of your foot against the floor. This technique not only reduces inflammation, but also gives the foot a good stretch.

A steel shank or a steel toe is the best way to protect the toes on the job, especially for those who have occupations that require a lot of kneeling. When you kneel, the big toe is usually fully flexed with your full weight on it. A steel shank or toe prevents the toe from being crushed by your own weight or from being smashed in an accident.

Preventive Measures For Sore feet Diabetes:

Here are some of the basic measures which can be followed to get rid of your sore feet diabetes. They are:

* Just soak your feet in tub of warm water with some sea salt added to it. Rinse and clean your feet properly in this solution. Now, apply a moisturizing cream in circular motion and drag your thumb and toes with force to the outer side. This will help in getting rid of the pain in your feet.

* Just boil 3 cups of water for 10 minutes and add some mint leaves to it. Remove it from the heat and pour the water in a tub where you can place your sore feet comfortably inside the water. Soak your feet in this solution for sometime and then rinse it off with cold water.

* Take some warm water in a tub and add six drops of eucalyptus oil and another six drops of rosemary oil in the water. Now, soak your feet in this solution for sometime and remove them. Pat your feet with a towel to dry properly.

* Massage your feet with a few drops of Castor oil. Make sure that while massaging you rotate your hands in a circular motion so as to get rid of the soreness. Also see that each finger presses the base of the foot very closely. This will help in early removal of soreness and pain as well.

* You can also rub your feet with vinegar. It will also help in getting rid of the pain and swelling.

* In a basin of warm water, just add a few drops of peppermint oil. Now, soak your feet in this solution for sometime. It is a remedy of aromatherapy which is very beneficial for treating your sore feet diabetes.

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