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Diabetes insipidus is caused by several affairs, but the main cause as why someone develops this disease is highly related to the anti diuretic hormone. This is when the body does not produce the necessary amount of this hormone or your kidneys do not recognize the hormone, either way diabetes insipidus is the result. There are two major symptoms when talking about diabetes insipidus: excessive thirst and excessive production of diluted urine. There are also other signs as well, but there two are the most important.

Types of diabetes are varied. The most significant one is diabetes insipidus, which known as the shortage or at least the absence of the sweetly urine. Studies established that the abnormal high blood is still distinguishing diabetes insipidus, which showed to hyperglycemia and disordered metabolism that results from insufficient standard of insulin hormone. Actually, diabetes insipidus is caused by insufficient levels of vasopressin. If you do not know, vasopressin is considered a hormone, which produced by the brain. This hormone instructs the kidneys to retain water. Insufficient levels of vasopressin will caused diabetes insipidus.

Thus, without the sufficient vasopressin, the person will loss much water from his body in urine. This will prompt him to drink more water to be capable to maintain the fluid level. As an alert, if no quick treatment done, diabetes insipidus will be developed and may cause coma and dehydration because the high concentration of salts in the blood.

Treatment is a must in diabetes insipidus cases. If it is an emergency case, you can drink very much fluid in order to replace the loss of urine. Diabetes insipidus case is that there is no need for a special diet. Even if you are suffering from the chronic type of diabetes, dietary changes do not have to be made. However, you must understand that it is very important you control and balance the intake of water and salt. This is of major importance when it comes to diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes insipidus patients must also take some special precautions. For example, when travelling, always be prepared to vomit.

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